Test report

WP 5 - The results of testing the method: impressions, comments, ideas

Reducing early school leaving: Key messages and policy support

This report draws on the work of the European Commission Thematic Working Group on 'Early School Leaving', which comprised experts nominated by 31 European countries, and stakeholder organisations. The group worked from December 2011 to November 2013.

We shall overcome. Barriers to education: Drop-outs or push-outs?

They are labeled in many different ways. Officially, in the EU Commission language, they are called Early School Leavers (ESL). In the English speaking countries they are called NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) or even Drop Outs.

Voice of users - Promoting quality of guidance for adults in the Nordic countries

Guidance for adults has been gaining ground within the lifelong learning sector in the Nordic countries. These services have grown out of public policy that in turn is responding to an increasing demand for a lifelong and individualised educational and vocational guidance of adults.

10 interesting EU-funded projects with a social inclusion perspective

The SOS Project will take a lead in involving other interested  partners and stakeholders in the field of developing inclusion  aspects of VET, especially with a view to build on and create synergy with the experiences of other LdV/EU Projects.