Initial Assessment (Moderate Learning Difficulty)

Initial Assessment (Moderate Learning Difficulty)

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Ambitions or Objectives

This tool is about initial assessment of learners with moderate learning difficulties. It consists of set of questions, which create create a holistic but preliminary assessment of the learner, when being answered. The questions can be completed together with the learner and function as an interview guide.  


Moderate Learning Difficulties Initial Assessment

Specialist Adviser Details:                                                                          Date of Assessment:

Where did the assessment take place?   

  1. About the Learner

Name:                                                                              Date of Birth:                                   Age:

Preferred method of contact:                                    Contact Details:

Emergency Contact:                                                     Relationship to learner:

Course details:


  1. Medical Details

Do you have any known medical or health issues?


Do you take any medication?


Any other health/medical related information:

  1. Learners Goals/aspirations

Long term:


Short Term:


Does the learner feel that these are achievable?

How can these goals be measured?



  1. Previous or current support

Have you learner received any sort of support in the past/at school/at any time?  (Such as counselling, in class support, out of class support, mentoring):



If yes, how do you feel about the support received?  Did it help, was it enjoyable?


Current support name and contact details (if applicable):


Has the learner ever received a statement of special educational needs (SEN)?  If so, when?


  1. Functional Skills

Reading:                                                               Favourite lesson:


Writing:                                                                Least favourite lesson:








Verbal communication skills:


  1. Social relationships and learning experiences

How do you feel about group situations such as classrooms?


Do you find it relatively easy to make new friends?


Do you get easily frustrated?


If so, how do you manage this?


  1. Study and learning skills

Do you get distracted easily?


Do you take notes during or after classes?


Do you ask questions if you are unsure?


Do you find it easy to concentrate?


Do you find it easy to organise yourself (making sure you have the correct books, materials etc, timekeeping, knowing where you have to be, keeping to timetables)



  1. Your spare time

What do you do to relax/switch off?


Do you have any hobbies or interests?


  1. Additional information

 Is there anything else you feel that the learning organisation/your counselor should be aware of in order to support your studies?



The interview guide gives a static picture of the learner which may change. This requires attention from the counselor/educator. 

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