Student with low levels of maturity (Case study 3)

Student with low levels of maturity (Case study 3)

General Context: 

The 16-year-old student has come from another country and is cared for in a foster family in the UK. There have been developmental issues that have affected her academic studies. She has exhibited low levels of maturity and this has resulted in negative peer group behaviour where she has been misled and subsequently got in trouble with the police.


To support the student we made sure that all the appropriate information was shared between the SENCOS, that the visit she made for interview was smooth and comfortable. She had family involvement and felt confident that she could present herself in the best way possible.


The specialist adviser was involved from the outset, and has formed a good working relationship with the SENCO to support the exchange of relevant information to support the student, and plan provision for the following academic year.


The result has been that the student was able to attend interview successfully, gain a place in college, and plan for the best possible available provision around the student. The school SENCO has informed us how successful this process was for her, and this is helping the family to see the opportunities available for the student and knowing how to support her with transition and progression.

Individual's commments: 

The student has told her teachers, caseworker, and school SENCO how pleased she was and how excited she is about college. She knows the specialist support available and has had initial discussions and assessments with the specialist adviser, with whom she is pleased to know and meet to support her in college.

Author's Position: 

I am a SENCO working within an FE and HE college. One aspect of my daily work is to collaborate with teaching professionals and specialist support advisers to support the transition of students applying and accessing FE provision and courses.

Professional context: 

A student from a local secondary school was looking at a range of providers for post-16 provision available, but given personal circumstances needed joined up working practices between the school SENCO and caseworker, and the college SENCO and specialist adviser.

Formal documentation: 

It has promoted the development of best working practices between the SENCO and the specialist adviser, and communication between external providers and the SENCO.


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