Hyperkinetic discorders, ADHD

Hyperkinetic discorders, ADHD

Education Barrier: 

Hyperkinetic disorders, Short periods of concentration, Disorders in remembering aural material, Disorders in attention, memory and association in learning process, Slow pace of learning, Sysgraphia

Junior secondary school with about 1000 students, the biggest In Wroclaw, class with European education programme, parent with university education.
Medical diagnosis: 
ADHD syndrome, Dysgraphy
Current assessment by the respondent: 
He gets lower marks than his intellectual potentials are. Low marks are contrarily to his effort put into learning. His level of knowledge is tested mostly by writing works which are for more difficult for him than verbal answers. High fatigability, lack of concentration which makes taking part in lessons difficult. He puts a lot of effort into sitting politely on lessons but this effort is not sufficent to work efficiently.
Individual Position: 
He works systematically, his work is checked by parents. A psychologist and psychiatrist help him. He takes medicines. His strong point is empathy ( emotional intelligence ), good contact with adults. He meets with kindness help and care of all the teachers in his school.
Further work on his emotional barriers. Care provided by specialists. Further education in car technical school.

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