Girl with severe language difficulties

Girl with severe language difficulties

Education Barrier: 

A girl with severe learning difficulties, and a mental age of 9.

Her parents wanted her to go to a regular school, but the challenge is that she should be in 9th grade because of her chronological age but in 4th grade because of her mental age.
Medical diagnosis: 
She is 17 years old with severe learning difficulties, behaving as a 9-year old.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
It is not easy for her at all to follow the lessons. It was difficult at the beginning for the rest of the students to understand her. She asked questions the others thought were from a younger girl. Teachers worked a lot in the group to make the situation as normal as possible.
Individual Position: 
She is following a special needs curriculum. She is very integrated within the school with a lot of friends.
She has a special needs teacher at home to help her with homework.

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