Easily stressed

Easily stressed

Education Barrier: 

During the work placement in a plant nursery in pistoia, Italy, he was stung. We did not consider it very dangerous but we sent him at home because he said that he was tired and sleepy. The weather was also very hot temperature at that moment. We asked for our doctor to give him all the information and he said that there was not any danger. The risk was that he got afraid about the situation and he decided to stop his work placement.

He is a member of a small group of students accompanied by a Swedish tutor for the first two weeks and alone for the second two weeks in Italy in a mobility experience. The group is made up of special needs students. CSCS provide their stay and work and they support local tutors and psychologists.
Medical diagnosis: 
Special needs student with some physical and social difficulties. He gets tired early, and cannot stay in stressful situations.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
He has difficulties with being alone in the work environment. He has found a very positive work environment with nice people who treat him like a son. The family that manage the business is a very friendly group of people that take care of him. To solve the solitude problem he has been partnered with another student in the same work place.
Individual Position: 
He has reacted very well. Nevertheless the danger of the sting passed and he reacted positively and after a few days he was comfortable to return to work.
After this small bad experience he has gained more self-confidence in the work place.

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