Dyslexia and discalcula causing stress

Dyslexia and discalcula causing stress

Education Barrier: 

He is very weak academically - both in linguistic formulation and comprehension. At the same time he suffers from dyscalculia.

VET basis as a farmer - with an interest in cattle.
Medical diagnosis: 
He has dyslexia as well as discalculia.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
His academic and comprehension weaknesses impede his performance in both written and practical assignments. It complicates his overview and structure, which result in stress - related symptoms - and strengthen his propensity to give up.
Individual Position: 
After a very positive experience with workplace tuition, he is now on a cattle farm - and he is now quite sure that he is on the right track in his education. This provides him with additional motivation to work with things that are challenging or even difficult.
His motivation can be sustained by massive support - particularly in relation to his understandings and execution of written assignments. Action is being taken to teach him to use DIKTUS - a help program for the severly dyslexic individuals. It would be good with parental cooperation - since a special effort may be needed after this school period in order to obtain for him an apprenticeship.

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