Disruptive, diagnosed with ODD and ADHD

Disruptive, diagnosed with ODD and ADHD

Education Barrier: 

He is currently serving time in prison. He is an early school leaver. He is disruptive and has attended and dropped out or been asked to leave several training courses. He was also kicked out of secondary school aged 15.

"He is attending the school of the prison he is serving a sentence in. He is currently studying English and Music. He is doing English at junior certificate level and is learning to play the guitar."
Medical diagnosis: 
"He was given a diagnosis of ADHD as a young child aged 11. He was also given a diagnosis of ODD."
Current assessment by the respondent: 
He is loud and attention seeking in a group situation. He makes a lot of noise, constantly joking, shouting etc.
Individual Position: 
"He is very capable and intelligent. He has an interesting ability in commenting on social issues as he sees them. He is very witty/funny, he makes people laugh."
"He needs to remember to take his medication and has to make an effort to be quiet in class for the sake of the other people. He is quite self aware so when corrected he will stop messing."

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