Difficult home life and negative experiences in the past

Difficult home life and negative experiences in the past

Education Barrier: 

Past Negative Experience - this young person feels that school years have not been productive as he has been excluded from 2 different schools, mainly down to lack of attention/effort, resulting in bad behavioural patterns. Home life is difficult and subsequently lives in a local hostel - although he does have contact with family members. He finds it difficult to communicate with peers and generally answers question with short sentences.

Further Education College
Medical diagnosis: 
ADHD has been diagnosed and is medicated, although medictaion is not taken religously and often results in relapsing.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
This young person displays signs of positivity towards sessions that he can link an outcome too, eg, physical/practical sessions that he can link to sports and coaching. Based on this principle, I've found it imperative to link all academic/planning/study sessions to how this will benefit his employment aims/qualifications needed. Learning styles questionnaire link him to an 'Audio and Kinaesthetic learner' - this learning was during a tutorial session to ensure he understood how this would or could affect his learning. During project work, work is completed well but social interaction is limited unless prompted through direct questioning.
Individual Position: 
This young person is 4 months into a course and is still currently engaging, good early use of pastoral care has allowed him to gain trust and belief in education. Attendance is still a little sporadic, although, sessions completed are positive and he demonstrates good use of questionning during group discussions. Confidence within the group has improved and he can give clear examples of what he sees his own personal quailities to be.
4-week targets and reviews are completed at the beginning and end of each unit. Patterns of attendance have been highlighted and although are not drastic, he clearly needs to keep working on this. Contact has been made with hostel manager/staff to manage this from both ends. Functional Skills qualifications have recently been introduced and will therefore give some further and more specfic areas for development.

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