Depression and low self confidence

Depression and low self confidence

Education Barrier: 

She suffers very badly with depression. She finds it hard to gather up the energy to go to her training course.

"She is studying child care in a local community organisation. She would like to work in a crèche. The course is part time 3 half days per week,"
Medical diagnosis: 
Current assessment by the respondent: 
She is very quiet and withdrawn, especially around other people. She has very low self confidence. She does not believe in herself. She looks very sad all the time. She stutters when she talks. Her voice is very low and quiet.
Individual Position: 
She is generous and thoughtful and a very good mother to her 3 young children. She does everything for them. She is very gentle and kind.
She needs to not be worrying about what other people are thinking all of the time. When she misses a day in her course, sometime she can be afraid to come back in because she thinks people will be angry with her. She knows what she wants to do with her life, so she needs to attend her career guidance counsellor and her course to get there.

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