Brain injury causing cognitive difficulties

Brain injury causing cognitive difficulties

Education Barrier: 

She has a brain injury which causes cognitive difficulties such as violent temper and problems with concentration and the ability to recall skills. Neither physically or mentally she can live up to a requirement of full working hours. She often suffers from anxieties and insomnia.

VET basic as a farmer - with an interest in pig production.
Medical diagnosis: 
She has a recognised disability - brain damage after an accident - resulting in a reduced capacity for work.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
The violent temper and impulsivity - driven behaviour gives rise to conflicts. The lack of concentration creates anxiety about tasks and information. Immaturity and impatience about educational choices and future. Weak social skills, based on the lack ability to overrule her own needs. Dichotomous thinking (black-white).
Individual Position: 
She is still very impulse driven - but right now focussed because she wants an apprenticeship on a farm. There is a prospect of a specially organised apprenticeship for her (during the social rehabilitation scheme). She works diligently to improve her memory - uses a notebook diligently. Now, we see not only the fiery and provocative girl but also a balanced, sweet and happy girl.
There is established and good parental cooperation. An initiative in order to start medication against ADHD (Concerta) is in progress. She must be assisted in retaining structure - with clear guidance on behaviour. Follow-up on the specially organised apprenticeship. Help to maintain agreements on goals and futures plans (short and long term).

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