Asthmatic and problems with attendance

Asthmatic and problems with attendance

Education Barrier: 

The apprentice has got days of absent in the workshop also in school. In parts it’s founded on illness but for some days he has not got an apology. He is not very open for criticism. He tries to conceal his days of absent in the vocational college from the trainer-team. For example he tried to fake the signature of the college teacher on the attendance-card.

The student takes part to the vocational training as an installer of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. Vocational training in Germany is set in companies which offer a service in their branch. Apprentices who need special support and advancement can get a vocational training position in a kind of “training school”. There they can learn the practical things of a branch and will be supported by a pedagogical tutor and a teacher. In addition the apprentices visit a vocational college like every “regular” apprentice. This kind of vocational training is called “Berufsausbildung in außerbetrieblichen Einrichtungen“ (BaE) and means: vocational training in arrangements out of companies. The aim of the BaE is to train and support the apprentices and to arrange a crossover into a company. Our apprentice here needs and gets the support from the teacher and the pedagogical tutor.
Medical diagnosis: 
He is asthmatic. He has got deficit in his social and emotional development so he visited in his childhood a special school to improve these personal problems.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
The apprentice is not aware of his situation as somebody who is in a vocational training position. Because of a long time absent from school before he came to us, he needed to adapt his behaviour as a young adult.
Individual Position: 
Because of his absence he is in danger of losing his vocational training position. But he has positive attributes, too: - He did a good job at the external workshop for three weeks as part of a special technical theme. - He was looking for a position in a company to collect work experience on his own and completed it. He was so successful the company made the offer to extend the time in this position.
There was a case-conference including the vocational counselling of the labour market administration to discuss the situation of the apprentice.

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