Asperger's Syndrome and mental health issues

Asperger's Syndrome and mental health issues

Education Barrier: 

The young person has Asperger's Syndrome and a history of mental health issues. The young person has self-doubt and needs constant reassurance that what they do is correct and has difficulty with basic decision making. Has seen GP and been diagnosed as an Insomniac and has Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour.

The young person is based in a further and higher education college.
Medical diagnosis: 
Sertraline is used to help the young person relax and sleep better.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
Currently the young person needs continual help and support with simple decision making processes. Needs clear instruction and routine.
Individual Position: 
The young person is very kind, thoughful and in the right environment can be very efficient. The young person always tries their best and works hard to identify personal weaknesses. The young person has the ability to see other people's potential and show a genuine and sincere interest in others.
The young person has weekly appointments with a councillor who helps support these continual feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and depression. The young person feels current medication is impacting on his motivation and getting out of bed. With support and guidance from GP has reduced dosage from 100mg to 50 mg. With support from GP, counsellor and college staff young person feels self-worth and confidence has increased and as a result more work ready. The outcome: The young person has been successfully supported with college staff throughout course, this is evidenced by finding a suitable employer and work duties that match the young person's strengthes and been offered part-time employment.

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