Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse

Education Barrier: 

During the work placement period in a folk club restaurant she socialised with new friends working in the same place and after work time they went out to some pubs. She went back home drunk and very late in the night. She missed the work the morning after. The agreement before leaving Sweden was: no alcohol and no night life alone. The risk was that she could fail the mobility experience.

She was engaged in a work placement in a folk club restaurant during a mobility experience in Italy. She is a member of a small group of students accompanied by a Swedish tutor for the first two weeks and alone for the second two weeks in Italy on a mobility experience. The group is made up of special needs students. CSCS provide their stay and work placement assistance also supporting them with local tutors and psychologists.
Medical diagnosis: 
Special needs student with problems with alcohol abuse.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
She said that she gets tired and annoyed whenever spending time out of work with the rest of the Swedish group. She was initially not positive in disscussing the situation and commenting on it. The tutor asked her to understand the situation and commenting on it. The tutor asked her to understand the situation and to take a positive decision in completing the work placement. The risk was failure of the work placement and mobility experience. She has been asked to make a written note and to make a plan to avoid a repeat of similar behaviours.
Individual Position: 
Intially she did not react very well saying that she's an adult and she can decide by herself in any situation. After some help to reflect and some meetings, the tutors find her positive attidude to take charge of her duties and responsibilities, and gave her a second chance to succeed in her mobility mission.
She has started to be positive after tutor help and she has written a document with clear understandings of the problem that occurred identifying a good strategy to be focussed on the work experience and being successful. The rest of the period she appeared very well engaged and determined to have a positive and successful experience.

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