Aggressive behavious connecting to upbringing in foster care

Aggressive behavious connecting to upbringing in foster care

Education Barrier: 

Student's behaviour is rather aggressive and some of the classmates are afraid. She has lots of absences from the college. She got pregnant during the first year at college.

Vocational college, field: catering. The student has been taken into care by the child welfare authorites in her early years and she has been living at a home for young people (a kind of foster home or instituation).
Medical diagnosis: 
There aren't any, she is "only" socially malasjusted.
Current assessment by the respondent: 
She is very loud and likes to curse a lot. She directly expresses her own opinions which occasionally are very negative. She lacks motivation to study theoretical subjects.
Individual Position: 
The student is cheerful sometimes. She is a good cook, diligent and fast. She has got many friends. Now she has a baby and she lives in her own rented flat with the baby girl and with the baby's father. They are supported by the social welfare authorities.
There have been several meetings where her challenges have been discussed. She has always attended the meetings where she has been willing to express her own opinions. According to the plan she needs a supervisor who could support her in extended on-the-job learning. The goal was to provide her with work experience. Because of the maternity leave her studies have been suspended. Her vision is to study nursing in the future.

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